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The squid and the mammoth

An almost perfectly preserved baby mammoth has been found in Siberia, and scientists are hailing the discovery as invaluable. Virtually everything about the little beast is intact, even it's eyes remain. I'm not sure how rare it is to unearth prehistoric eyes, or if it has even happened before. The extinct animal may be our best bet so far for harvesting ancient DNA and trying to resurrect long-dead species. Good pictures at BBC, Guardian. In other enormous animal news, on the other side of the world a rare giant squid has washed up on the coast of Tasmania. Its hood is 2 meters long, and its tentacles longer. Scientists are racing to the beach where it lies in order to harvest what samples they can. The squid's photo appears in The Age. The article makes a distinction which is wholly new for me: apparently "giant squid" are merely the smaller relatives of "colossal squid," which can be ten meters long. 


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