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The 19 Best Nonfiction Books Of 2014 

"...a fascinating and wide-ranging investigation of our obsession with ancestry and genetics" BuzzFeed Books


Christmas Gift Guide 

Local writer Christine Kenneally is winning rave reviews, including in The New York Times, for her book on how DNA shapes our lives, The Invisible History of the Human Race. The Australian


The Best Science Books of 2014 

"...a tale that braids cultural and scientific insight together, to explore what it means to have ancestors — and how the human past reaches into our future." io9's Best Books of 2014


Authors and critics select their best books of the year 

"Christine Kenneally’s marvellous The Invisible History of the Human Race: How DNA and History Shape Our Identities and Our Futures is one of those mind-tilting books that makes the reader look at everything anew, including sticky questions of religion and race." The Australian


Our Favorite Science Books of 2014 

"The Invisible History of the Human Race by Christine Kenneally—Like her book, The First Word, The Invisible History of the Human Race is thoroughly researched and masterfully executed." Work in Progress


Top five science reads of 2014 

With police dramas such as CSI, it seems there is nothing that can't be discerned from a tiny bit of DNA. But really, how much can this tiny building block of life tell us about ourselves? ABC Science


The best popular science books of 2014: Biology 

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The Best Science Books of 2014 

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5 books for your holiday list 

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The WSJ on the seven best books about science to give for the holidays 

"Ms. Kenneally’s approach is suitably global, stretching from the racially ambiguous Melungeons of the American South to the genetically bottlenecked Samaritan community in Israel, and she is storyteller enough to get us through the acronym-strewn fields of contemporary biology without losing sight of the big themes of identity and history." Wall Street Journal 


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