Neandertal FoxP2, human too

It was announced today that Neandertals had the same version of the FoxP2 gene that humans do. Because it's thought that our particular version of FoxP2 is involved in speech and language, it may be that Neandertals also had these skills. It'll be interesting to see if Neandertals get an upgrade accordingly, or if the significance of FoxP2 is now downgraded because it turns out to not be so uniquely human after all. National Geographic, Current Biology,

Bat FoxP2

Finally, I'm catching up on the bat FoxP2 news. The FoxP2 gene appears to be crucial in humans, quite possibly for the role it played in language evolution. It looks like human FoxP2 changed as a result of adaptation, and so now does FoxP2 in bats. FoxP2 in bats may have changed because of echolocation. A simple link here and more to come. PLoS One.